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Christmas Tree Grower Supplies

Tree grower, wreath maker, and retailer supplies come from a range of companies and people who support our production and marketing. Supplies available range from the seedling or transplant the grower puts in the ground to the cones and ribbon the wreath maker adds to the wreath. In between are equipment, fertilizers, fuels, insecticides, tools, advertising and marketing, packaging and shipping, etc.

Grower Supplies

Kelco Industries
PO Box 160 Milbridge, ME 04658
Washington County
(800) 343-4057
North Pole Xmas Trees
420 Amherst Street Nashua, NH 03063
Hillsborough County
(603) 930-1291 | FAX:(800) 240-0623 or (603) 888-4425
Contact: George or Illan Kessler
8 Ashfield Road Conway, MA 01341
(413) 369-4335
Contact: Russell French

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